QT 02/04/2024 Tuesday Read Luke 23. Willingness in the face of difficulties. 迎难而上.

QT 02/04/2024 Tuesday Read Luke 23. Willingness in the face of difficulties. 迎难而上.

QT 02/04/2024 Tuesday Read Luke 23

Pilate and Herod were enemies, but they became the most unlikely of "friends" during the trial of Jesus Christ (Luke 23:12). In spite of their differences, they were united in not finding a guilty verdict against Jesus (Luke 23:4,14-15,20,22).

One of the criminals on the cross even testified that "this man has done nothing wrong" (Luke 23:42). So did the executioner (Luke 23:47).

Pilate didn't want a riot in his territory during his tour of duty as governor of Judea and Jerusalem. Even though he "did not find this man guilty..." (Luke 23:14), he chose to please the crowd rather than making the difficult decision which he knew was right.

APPLICATION: The roar of the urgent crowd (Luke 23:18,21,23), peer pressure and threats of rejection might derail our sense of justice in God's eye. But truly acknowledging Jesus as LORD frequently requires radical faith in the face of opposition.

Jesus' example in Luke 23 was written for His followers' consideration and encouragement. Indeed, one of the criminals who was hanged did take that step of faith by requesting Jesus to "Remember me WHEN you come into your kingdom" (Luke 23:42). The word "when" (not "if") points to an assurance of the kingdom's coming!

REFLECTION: Even though the process of Jesus' trial was a miscarriage of justice on the part of Pilate, the outcome of it all did advance the Kingdom of God onto the next phase of its growth. How could it be so?

APPLICATION: As to how you and I specifically participate in world events so as to inaugurate the Kingdom of God, let the King decide for us. Only let us be willing.

星期四 2024年3月21日 今日读经:路加福音23章. 迎难而上