QT 22/01/2024 Monday Matthew 19. What's driving you? 是什么在驱使着你?

QT 22/01/2024 Monday Matthew 19. What's driving you? 是什么在驱使着你?

QT 22/01/2024 Monday Matthew 19

References to original intention of God's creation was made by Jesus on the issue of marriage and divorce (Matt 19:4), even though the Pharisees could point out Moses' concession given in the context of the Ancient Near East's practices (Matt 19:7).

Genesis to Deuteronomy (The Pentateuch) could be viewed from the angle of "What It Should Have Been?"  Stories of damaged relationships are prevalent then (Old Testament times) and even now. Be it relationships between God and Man, or between 2 persons both made "in the image of God".

REFLECTION: Think of how it "should have been beautiful", "good", "very good" (Gen 1 etc) and work towards it (whatever issues).

Once again, the child-like hearts (Matt 19:13-15) are contrasted with the self-justifying heart of the wealthy man (Matt 19:16-22). The unseen matters of the heart come into view again.

In these passages, Jesus asks for PRIORITY in your life, over ALL and EVERYTHING else. Putting Jesus FIRST is somehow expected to be EXPRESSED in our daily lives in the following area:-

  1. Over "Wealth" (Matt 19:21-26);
  2. Over "everything" (Matt 19:27);
  3. Over "houses" (Matt 19:29);
  4. Over "brothers or sisters" (Matt 19:29);
  5. Over "father or mother" (Matt 19:29);
  6. Over "children" (Matt 19:29);
  7. Over "lands" (Matt 19:29).

But anyone who "has left" these and put Jesus first will receive "a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life" (Matt 19:29). On THAT DAY, there will be surprises - there would be unexpected "lasts" while those considered "last" become "first" (Matt 19:30).

APPLICATION: Ask God to lead you to EXPRESS these priorities by AMENDING your CONCEPT, CALENDAR & CASHFLOW etc where necessary. Do consider the inputs from those in your caregroup.

星期一 2024年1月22日 今日读经:马太福音19章






  1. 在“财富”之上(太19:21-26);
  2. 在“一切”之上(太19:27);
  3. 在“房屋”之上(太19:29);
  4. 在“弟兄或姐妹”之上(太19:29);
  5. 在“父亲或母亲”之上(太19:29);
  6. 在“儿女”之上(太19:29);
  7. 在“田地”之上(太19:29)。