QT 23/04/2024 Tuesday John 14 Access to the Father through Jesus 通过耶稣接近天父

QT 23/04/2024 Tuesday John 14 Access to the Father through Jesus 通过耶稣接近天父

QT 23/04/2024 Tuesday John 14

The desire to encounter the true God is universal. The search for it ends with Jesus Christ because whoever has seen Jesus has seen the Father (John 14:8).

This calls for a response for those who has encountered Jesus, be it reading from Scripture or in the lives of those who practice this Scripture. Access to this true God is expressed in various ways.

Jesus invites all to come to the Father through Him (John 14:6). Knowing Jesus is equated with knowing the Father (John 14:7) in view of the oneness between Jesus and the Father (John 14:11).

There is a passive part of our walk with Jesus: Heaven is depicted as an enormous residence, prepared by Jesus for His followers. He will come again to take us there to be with Him (John 14:3). We wait eagerly for that. The Holy Spirit would teach us all things, which would be in sync with what Jesus has said (John 14:26).

But there is also the active part of growing our relationship with God, which is to keep the commandments of Jesus (John 14:15) as proof of our love for Him (John 14:21). We thus enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit (John 14:17) and the love of the Father (John 14:23). In fact, the Father and the Son will indwell the one who loves Jesus and keep His word (John 14:23).

REFLECTION: If we have both the passive and active elements of maintaining this relationship, it is no wonder that there would be the enjoyment of peace of the kind that the world cannot give (John 14:27), even though we are still in the world, not in heaven yet.

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