QT 23/05/2024 Thursday Daniel 11. Trust the God of history. 相信历史之神 。

QT 23/05/2024 Thursday Daniel 11. Trust the God of history. 相信历史之神 。

QT 23/05/2024 Thursday Daniel 11. Trust the God of history.

MEDITATION: The vision referred to detailed events regarding the political and military arena from the time of Darius (Dan 11:1, 539 B.C.), the Persians, Greeks, Romans and even beyond that. This formed the background of the New Testament Scriptures.

The detailed fulfillment of these visions in Daniel 11 for the next 400+ years pointed to the LORD who is the God of history and sovereign over all nations. Indeed, the LORD is God over all nations.

REFLECTION: Do we trust the LORD with even the smallest matters that we are concerned with in our lives? He knows us best. Trust Him for the rest.

Challenges to the faithful would come "by sword and flame, by captivity and plunder" (Dan 11:33). The seductive "flattery" might even be used to turn you against the covenant (Dan 11:32-34). But those who are wise and persevere faithfully in spite of these stumbles would be "refined, purified, and made white" (Dan 11:35).

REFLECTIONS: Are we open and submissive to God's refinement through the people and circumstances that God has placed in our lives? Or are we always thinking of ways to rebel and free ourselves from God's purification plans?

IMPLICATIONS: Do not be surprised by challenges and difficulties. Rather, be surprised by the fact that even though God have said so much through His prophets, we are not moved at all to resolve to stand on truth and stand firmly in our doctrine, devotion and dedication to the God of History. Are we the crowd pleaser, or God pleaser?

星期四2024年5月23日 今日读经:但以理书11章。相信历史之神 。


默想:这异象里详述了大利乌在位期间(但11:1, 公元539年)、波斯人、希腊人、罗马人甚至是之后的年代,有关政治和军事方面的事件。这也形成了新约经文的背景。