QT 24/03/2024 Sunday Triumphant Entry & Torn Stuffs. 凯旋而归和撕碎的东西[GFD1]

QT 24/03/2024 Sunday Triumphant Entry & Torn Stuffs. 凯旋而归和撕碎的东西[GFD1]

QT 24/03/2024 Sunday [GFD1]
Triumphant Entry & Torn Stuffs

Jesus' entry into the Jerusalem city on "Palm Sunday" brought about much joy for some, yet embarassment for others. The large crowd "took branches of spalm trees and went out to meet him" (John 12:13). The use of palm branches signified Jesus' victory over enemies of all kinds. What's your reaction?

To the 2nd group–the Pharisees, Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem reminded them that their energetic struggles and schemes against Him brought no traction. In fact, the Pharisees said to one another, "You see that you are gaining nothing. Look, the world has gone after him" (John 12:19). The entry of Jesus into history torn the crowd away from the Pharisees, a re-ordering of loyalties and hierarchies.

To the 3rd group–the Sadducees "who say that there is no resurrection" (Matt 22:23), the presence of the resurrected Lazarus (John 11:44) and related testimonies (John 12:10) in their community was a big embarassment to their doctrine of "no resurrection possible". The entry of Jesus into history torn away their cherished erroneous doctrine.

To the 4th group on the fence, Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and history fulfilled Old Testament prophecy (Zechariah 9:9)–He was the one chosen by The LORD to bring about the kingdom of God and salvation of Israel and bring similar blessings to the world in fulfillment of the LORD's promises to Abraham (Gen 12:3).

Even though Jesus was popular, He remained humble, riding on a "young donkey" (12:14) rather than on a high horse. What's your stance today?

REFLECTION: Do you sense following Jesus faithfully would tear/overhaul your previous lifestyles? To which group do you belong?

星期日 2024年3月24日 今日读经:约翰福音12:12–19章. 凯旋而归和撕碎的东西


耶稣在 "棕枝主日 "进入耶路撒冷城,给一些人带来了欢乐,但也给另一些人带来了尴尬。一大群人 "拿着棕树枝出去迎接他"(约翰福音 12:13)。棕树枝的使用标志着耶稣战胜了各种敌人。你的反应是什么?

对第二类人--法利赛人来说,耶稣胜利地进入耶路撒冷提醒他们,他们对耶稣进行的激烈斗争和阴谋诡计没有给耶稣带来任何的致命伤。事实上,法利赛人彼此说:"你们看,你们都是徒劳无,世人都跟随他了"(约翰福音 12:19)。耶稣的出现使众人远离了法利赛人,这是忠诚和等级的重新排序。

对于第三类人--"说没有复活"(马太福音22:23)的撒都该人来说,复活的拉撒路(约翰福音11:44)和相关见证(约翰福音12:10)出现在他们的社区是对他们 "不可能复活 "学说的极大羞辱。耶稣的出现打破了他们所珍视的错误教义。

对于第四类人不知如何看待这事的人来说,耶稣进入耶路撒冷和历史,应验了《旧约》的预言(撒迦利亚书 9:9)--他是耶和华拣选的人,将带来神的国度和以色列的救赎,并给世界带来类似的祝福,应验耶和华对亚伯拉罕的应许(创 12:3)。

尽管耶稣很受欢迎,但祂仍然谦卑,骑着 "小驴"(12:14),而不是高头大马。今天,你的立场是什么?