QT 24/04/2024 Wednesday John 15 Do with "less", for more Fruitfulness. "减少",为了更多。

QT 24/04/2024 Wednesday John 15 Do with "less", for more Fruitfulness. "减少",为了更多。

QT 24/04/2024 Wednesday John 15. Do with "less", for more Fruitfulness.

Fruitfulness of the branch requires it to be alive and attached to the vine. Jesus' word cleanses (John 15:3). His followers' nutrition supply comes from this word.

Beware of the myth that a person can abide in the love and abundant life of Jesus without obeying Him. Rather, keep His commandments and be alive and fruitful (John 15:5-8,10).

Be confident about being fruitful. Remember Jesus' word, 'You did not choose me, but I chose you' (John 15:16). Your status are 'friends' (John 15:15). The vinedresser would cut off unfruitful branches (they consumes kingdom resources but do not contribute). Even fruitful ones would be pruned and cleaned so that their energy and nutrients get focused on their main job—fruitfulness.

REFLECTION: Check if you have these: Are you receiving blessings from God and blessing others with it in return? Are you advancing the kingdom of God? Ask others if you manifest more and more of the fruit of the Spirit.

Be willing to go through the sometimes uncomfortable pruning process, e.g. when you are restricted from growing in all directions you want while being part of the vine. But seeing the wonderful fruit that glorifies God later, it is worth the surgical effort of the vine-dresser.

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