QT 25/01/2024 Thursday Matthew 22. The invited don't come. 被邀请的人不肯来。

QT 25/01/2024 Thursday Matthew 22. The invited don't come. 被邀请的人不肯来。

QT 25/01/2024 Thursday Matthew 22

You cannot dictate that God continue to shower you with grace after grace after grace forever, while you still continue in sin, disobedience & rebellion. The flow of the text is this:-

The Temple remained defiled (Matt 21:10-17), Jesus LEFT in the EAST direction of Mount Olive (Bethany);

The withered fig tree was like the unreceptive people of Jesus' time, fruitless (Matt 21:18-22);

Inspite of Matt 1-20's authority laden events, episodes and proofs, the AUTHORITY of Jesus was STILL being disputed and questioned, "And WHO gave you this AUTHORITY?" (Matt 21:23-27);

Disbelief continued in spite of John's testimony (Matt 21:28-32);

The Heavenly Father was patient and persevering to send "servants" (prophets) to His people to prod them to repent & produce "fruits" but they continued to plot to "arrest" Jesus (Parable of the Tenants, Matt 21:33-46);

AGAIN, in Matt 22:1-14 (Parable of the Wedding Banquet), God's patience was stretched again - THE INVITED DON'T COME (Matt 22:3)!

God's long-suffering was exhibited again, by Him sending out ANOTHER urgent appeal (Matt 22:4). Not only did they RSVP "no" due to excuses relating to the tending of "field" and "business" (sounds modern?), they KILLED the messenger (Matt 22:5,6).

The King treated them as HONOURED GUESTS (note oxen and FATTENED cattle menu, 22:4), but His call fell on DEAF ears. The phrase "The king was enraged" (Matt 22:7) shows that God's patience has limits.

REFLECTION: Are you willing to arrange your life so as to fit into the community of God's people that He has put you in. Are you wrongly using His "grace" to excuse you for continuing with some things that you KNOW are wrong in your life.

God's patience was STRETCHED for another 40 YEARS (from A.D. 30 to A.D. 70), after which the temple was completely destroyed by the Romans.

APPLICATION: Allow our minds to be moulded by God's truth and the therapy of a bible believing and practising community. It's just the start to a better tomorrow. Anything less might get you stuck in the mud of unhappiness, grumbling and an ungrateful heart towards God and others around you.

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