QT 26/02/2024 Monday Luke 4. Dangers of missing the mission. 使命失误的危险。

QT 26/02/2024 Monday Luke 4. Dangers of missing the mission. 使命失误的危险。

QT 26/02/2024 Monday Luke 4

Jesus "returned from the Jordan" (Luke 4:1), a journey already taken by many before Him, e.g., Jacob (Gen 32,33) & Joshua (Joshua 4) and Ruth (Ruth 1). Luke 4:1-13 highlights the tension between two forces:

(1) Led by the Spirit in Luke 4:1;

(2) The opposing force of the devil, who "took him up" (Luke 4:5) and also "took him to Jerusalem" (Luke 4:9).

Jesus overcame the devil by citing Deut 8:3, 6:13, 6:16. Nevertheless, the devil left Jesus "UNTIL AN OPPORTUNE TIME" (Luke 4:13). The devil will RETRY his tricks.

APPLICATION: Be on guard against the devil always, especially after the current victory over him.

Luke-Acts do portray the REJECTION of the gospels by the Jewish majority but the ACCEPTANCE by the Gentiles.

Jesus' home town rejected His preaching from Isa 61:1,2 (Luke 4:14-30). Somehow, Jesus knew the hearts of those in the synagogue: they were "capable" of MURDERING even THE PREACHER, to "throw him down the cliff" (Luke 4:29).

The sermon feedback was initially good ("All spoke well of him", Luke 4:22). But the congregation seems to have DEMANDED miracles (Luke 4:23). Jesus then ignited the situation with "the truth" (Luke 4:24,25), citing the examples of 2 pagans during the times of Kings (widow in Zarephath of Sidon (1Kg 17:9-10) and Naaman the Syrian (2Kg 5:1-23).

The synagogue "exploded" with the following SERMON CONCLUSIONS:

The "MANY widows of ISRAEL in the days of Elijah" (Luke 4:25) were BYPASSED in favour of the pagan widow from Sidon;

The "MANY lepers in ISRAEL in the time of prophet Elisha" (Luke 4:27) were BYPASSED in favour of the pagan Naaman!

What kind of a sermon was that? The sermon merely brought to the surface what was already there, so that the real sickness would be evident to all, so that God's harsh judgement and words would be vindicated before the watching world.

REFLECTION (2): Can you accept this: "TO PROCLAIM  good news to the poor" (which Jesus announced as a ministry goal in Luke 4:18) should also include reaching out to those you usually DO NOT ASSOCIATE with, or even DISLIKE/DESPISE?

REFLECTION (3): Freedom from bondage, recovery of sight for the blind, the release of the "oppressed" and the proclamation of "the year of the Lord's favour" (Luke 4:18-19) must somehow form part of Christian ministry. How do we work that out?

星期一 2024年2月26日 今日读经:路加福音4章


(1) 路4:1提到圣灵的引领;

(2) 魔鬼的敌对势力,那“引他上到高处”(路4:5),同时又“引他到耶路撒冷”的势力(路4:9)。