QT 26/03/2024 Tuesday [GDF3] Jesus in The Temple Teaching 耶稣在圣殿里教导Luke21:1–4,34–36

QT 26/03/2024 Tuesday [GDF3] Jesus in The Temple Teaching 耶稣在圣殿里教导Luke21:1–4,34–36

QT 26/03/2024 Tuesday [GDF3]
Jesus in The Temple Teaching

The accompanying picture showed some of the remnants of the Temple of Jesus' time on the floor of the present Temple Mount (near Solomon's Temple, Jerusalem). Those items placed on pedestals for visitors displayed how utterly destroyed/flattened the Temple was after being attacked by the Romans in A.D. 70. With Jesus now in the Temple as at Luke 21, He pointed to a widow's sacrifice and the teaching thereon, as well as warning others to watch out for the consequences of disobedience.

Firstly, rich or poor, all were required to respond to God with what they have. This was Jesus' consistent teaching all along (e.g. various parables on receiving talents apply). For this, quantity of offering was not weighed with an absolute measure ($, or kg), but calculated based on ratio (A:B), just like calculating BMI for ideal weight (where big or small sized person can both have equally healthy weight/height BMIs).

While "they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on" (21:4). The same message continued to apply—it was the devotion of the heart that counted for Jesus. This devotion was more important than the amount of money put into the "offering box" (21:1), when many practitioners of Jesus' time established a facade of holiness and piety when in fact their hearts were far away (a sham).

Secondly, Jesus continued His warnings to listeners by pointing to the "trap" that can "come upon you suddenly" (21:34–36). This trap would be set when practitioners of the religion naively (or carelessly) insert activities/programs into their personal/family calendars (or wrong values) such that "your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life" (21:34).

ACTION: We need to encourage one another, look out for one another, pray for one another to be ready to escape the consequences of the trap on the day when all have "to stand before the Son of Man" (21:36). With the Lord of the temple teaching in the temple "every day" (21:37), readers of Luke must especially pay attention to Jesus' praise and warnings.

Travel light, so that our hearts be not weighed down.

星期二 2024年3月26日 今日读经:路加福音21:1-4,34-36. 耶稣在圣殿里教导.

附图显示了耶稣时代圣殿的一些遗迹,这些遗迹位于现在的圣殿山(耶路撒冷所罗门圣殿附近)的地面上。这些摆放在基座上供游客参观的物品展示了圣殿在公元 70 年被罗马人攻打后被彻底摧毁/夷为平地的情况。正如路加福音第 21 章所述,耶稣现在就在圣殿里,祂指出了一个寡妇的献祭和相关的教导,并警告其他人要小心不顺服的后果。

首先,无论贫富,所有人都必须用自己所拥有的回应上帝。这是耶稣一直以来的教导(如关于接受财富或恩赐的各种比喻)。因此,奉献的数量不是用绝对的尺度($或kg)来衡量的,而是根据比例(A:B)来计算的,就像计算理想体重的 BMI 一样(身材高大或矮小的人都可以有同样健康的体重/身高 BMI)。

虽然 "这些人都是把自己剩余的投进去作奉献,这寡妇是自己不足,却把所有养生的都投进去了"(21:4)。同样的信息仍然适用--对耶稣来说,出自内心的奉献才是最重要的。这种奉献比投入 "奉献箱"(21:1)中的钱的多少更重要。在耶稣的时代,许多跟随者表面上圣洁虔诚,实际上他们的心却离得很远(虚假)。

其次,耶稣继续警告听众,指出 "突然临到你们 "的 "陷阱"(21:34-36)。当信徒们妩媚地(或粗心地)在个人/家庭日程表(或错误的价值观)中加入一些活动/项目,以至于 "你们应当自己小心,免得在贪食醉酒和生活的挂虑压住你们的心的时候"(21:34),这个陷阱就会出现。

行动:我们需要互相鼓励,互相照顾,互相祷告,以便在所有人都必须 "站在人子面前"(21:36)的那一天,准备好逃脱陷阱的后果。圣殿之主天天在殿里教训人(21:37),因此路加福音的读者尤其要注意耶稣的赞美和警告。