QT 26/06/2024 Wed. Romans 15. Unity: Accept one another. 合一:彼此接纳

QT 26/06/2024 Wed. Romans 15. Unity: Accept one another. 合一:彼此接纳

QT 26/06/2024 Wed. Romans 15. Unity: Accept one another.
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Paul spoke about "the weak" (Rom 14). He now addressed "the strong" (Rom 15).

Self-centredness has frequently been at the root of disunity among believers (see Gospels, Acts and Romans). The perennial "I am right", "you all are wrong", "I can see", "You all are blind" mentality has been the source of many unnecessary pains too.

For situations similar to this, Paul urges the believers in Rome (in view of Romans 1-11):-

To "bear with the FAILINGS of the weak" (Rom 15:1). It's tough "not to please ourselves" (Rom 15:1). Concentrate on pleasing "his neighbour for his good" (Rom 15:2), with the motivation "to build him up" (Rom 15:2) and not to tear him down. Follow Christ's example (Rom 15:3).

Achieve "HARMONY with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify God Jesus Christ" (Rom 15:5-6). The ultimate concern should be God's glory and not personal image recasting. Warning: the DISUNITY of believers in Rome (for whatever reasons) will jeopardise Paul's upcoming testimony to the Caesar or others in Rome.

MEMORY VERSE: Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God. (Rom 15:7)

REFLECTION: Why did Paul mention the collection of charities in this section (Rom 15:23-33)?

From Rom 15:23-33, Paul demonstrates the UNITY of OTHER GENTILE communities with Jews by referring to the EXAMPLE of the GENTILE believers in Macedonia and Achaia (Rom 15:26). They are SHARING with the Jewish believers in Jerusalem (Rom 15:26-27).

Paul notifies the believers in Rome REPEATEDLY that he IS COMING to see them (Rom 15:32, 23, 24, 28, 29). They better get their house in order so that Paul will come to them "with joy and be refreshed in your company" (Rom 15:32). Such a situation is only achievable if the Gentile and Jewish believers are at peace with one another. This should be the case if "The God of peace" is really with them all (Rom 15:33; Rom 1:7).

星期三 2024年6月26日 今日读经:罗马书15章. 合一:彼此接纳





2.要做到“彼此同心,效法基督耶稣,同心一致地荣耀我们主耶稣基督的父 神”(罗15:5-6)。最重要的应该是神的荣耀而不是自己的形象塑造。注意:罗马信徒的不合一(无论是什么原因)将会影响到保罗接下来要对凯撒或在罗马其他人的见证。

背诵经文:因此,你们应当彼此接纳,就像基督接纳了你们一样,使荣耀归于 神。(罗15:7)



4.保罗一再地告诉罗马的信徒,他要来看他们(罗15:32,23,24,28,29)。他们必须把自己的家整理好,这样保罗才会“高高兴兴地到你们那里去,好和你们一同得到安息”(罗15:32)。要达到这样的情况,惟有外族和犹太信徒和睦共处,才能做到。如果“赐平安的 神”真的与他们同在,应该就是这个情况了(罗15:33;罗1:7)。