QT 28/01/2024 Sunday Matthew 24. Flourish or destroyed? 繁荣或被毁灭?

QT 28/01/2024 Sunday Matthew 24. Flourish or destroyed? 繁荣或被毁灭?

QT 28/01/2024 Sunday Matthew 24

Jesus will come again. What are you focusing your life on REALLY today What will you be "doing ... when he comes?" (Matt 24:46) Jesus left the temple (Matt 24:1). But the disciples called his attention to the magnificent temple buildings. However, Jesus prophesied that the temple will be utterly destroyed (Matt 24:2).

REFLECTION (1): No deity in the Ancient Near East (ANE) would want to destroy his own temple? But why did Jesus choose to do so?

In the ANE, the worshippers of a deity would construct a temple (the buildings, the stones). There would then be an INAUGURATION where the deity start to RESIDE and REST in the newly constructed temple. The priests would also guard the temple and man its FUNCTIONS. From the temple of that deity, that god would operate from the now fully FUNCTIONAL temple (HQ) to do his stuff and RULE over his dominion.

Similar accounts occur in Genesis 1, where in Days 1-6 the cosmos was set up for the LORD God to reside and rest (Gen 2:2,3) on the 7th Day. The 7th Day was indeed holy and God blessed it (Gen 2:3). The LORD God is now IN HIS cosmic temple with Adam and Eve as keepers (Gen 2:15). The cosmic temple is now FULLY FUNCTIONAL. The LORD RULES the cosmic temple through Adam & Eve (Gen 1:28).

But after the sin in Gen 3, this set up is ruined. Even though the LORD's glory FILLED His tabernacle (Exo 40:34, 1450+ BC) and First Temple (1King 8:10-11, 970++ BC) subsequently, these became DYSFUNCTIONAL ultimately. Indeed, the First Temple of Solomon was destroyed in 586 B.C. by the Babylonian invasion.

If God cannot RESIDE and RULE His cosmos from His temple due to the unholiness of the temple or the sin of the priests/worshippers that operate it, God would LEAVE THAT TEMPLE (or ask the worshippers to leave) because that temple DISGRACES His holy name.

REFLECTION (2): What kind of a temple are you all together in Christ (1Cor 3:16)?

REFLECTION (3): Is God RULING His cosmos through you all, "a royal priesthood" (1Pet 2:9)? Or is DESTRUCTION on His mind again? Watch out for what you WANT to do today!

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