QT 28/03/2024 Thursday Jesus Stays On the Cross 耶稣留在十字架上. Luke23:26–49 [MT]

QT 28/03/2024 Thursday Jesus Stays On the Cross 耶稣留在十字架上. Luke23:26–49 [MT]

QT 28/03/2024 Thursday Luke 23
Jesus Stays On the Cross [MT]

The 15 stations of "Via Dolorosa" (Sorrowful Way, Way of Suffering) attempt to trace the route taken by Jesus on Good Friday in the Old City of Jerusalem, on the day of His crucifixion. The assigned passage for today starts with Station V (five), what happened there?

"SIMONI-CYRENAEO CRUX IMPONITUR" meaning, "a cross is imposed on Simon of Cyrene" Luke 23:26–27 And as they led him away, they seized one Simon of Cyrene, who was coming in from the country, and laid on him the cross, to carry it behind Jesus. [27] And there followed him a great multitude of the people and of women who were mourning and lamenting for him. (ESV)

Luke 23 depicted the forced labour which came seemingly out of nowhere, but imposed on Simon of Cyrene to help to carry the cross "behind Jesus" (23:26). Today, Simon is known and remembered in the Gospel of Luke for his literal "following Jesus".

In addition, terrible times are depicted for humanity (23:28–31) in the future, and now for the two other criminals (23:32–43), including rejection, scoffing, mockery. At the same time, wonder, amazement and praise came from unexpected quarters—the centurion (23:47), the chief executioner ironically, who praised God and recognised Jesus' innocence. Others regretted their actions (23:48) while Jesus' acquaintances and the women stood in silence, "watching these things" (23:49).

While the reactions from those who were there were varied, Dr. Luke chose three clear teachings of Jesus for His disciples then and in the future:

(1) Jesus taught forgiveness offered by Him for those who would embrace Him and His salvation: Luke 23:34 And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And they cast lots to divide his garments. (ESV) Accept Jesus' offer of forgiveness. Forgiveness in Christ is real. Don't wallow in the mud no more.

(2) Jesus taught the reality of paradise which is obtainable even by the most debased criminals who invites Jesus into their lives, be it penal crimes, or religious/moral breaches. Luke 23:43 And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.” (ESV) Paradise, heaven, is available for those who turn to Jesus.

(3) Jesus taught expression of faith and trust in God even in terrible times. Luke 23:46 Then Jesus, calling out with a loud voice, said, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” And having said this he breathed his last. (ESV)

Jesus quoted from Psalm 31:5 as He put Himself in the Father's hands confidently. Subsequently, Stephen, when stoned also put himself in Jesus' hands— Acts 7:59 And as they were stoning Stephen, he called out, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” (ESV) Do you trust God everyday? Who or what do you surrender to?

"Via Dolorosa" (Sorrowful Way, Way of Suffering), is not an easy road to walk, even for healthy uninjured persons. It is dark and gloomy at times, definitely filled with tears. But one day, you and I would complete it, nevertheless. But one day, we will see hope and the light of day. One day.

Via Dolorosa ends with Stations XI to XV (11–15): here are 2 photos taken on 28/11/2008, of the entrance to Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, a big church building built about A.D. 300 by St. Helena, (mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine I, a.k.a. Constantine the Great) to commemorate her search for the place of Jesus' crucifixion.

And an aerial view taken by another photographer. By Gerd Eichmann - File:Jerusalem-Grabeskirche-14-vom_Erloeserkirchturm-2010-gje.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=110873750

By staying on the cross and not coming down from the cross when mocked or provoked, Jesus demonstrated that He was the true Messiah. Station XV (15) is "The Resurrection: Jesus Rises from the Dead. He lives. Every Friday, at 3 o'clock (summer time: 4 o'clock) in the afternoon, the Franciscan Friars officially lead this practice of the Way of the Cross. They invite all the Christians pilgrims who are in the Holy City to join them.

Would you receive and live out those three teachings of His from Luke 23 (forgive, paradise, faith) and follow behind Him to carry the cross, your own cross daily? Have a good Good Friday.

星期四 2024年3月28日 今日读经:路加福音23:26-49

苦路(Via Dolorosa)的15个站试图追溯耶稣受难日在耶路撒冷老城所走的路线。今天的指定经文从第五站开始,那里发生了什么事?

"昔利尼的西门被强加十字架",意思是 "十字架被强加在昔利尼的西门身上"。《路加福音》 23:26-27 “ 他们把耶稣带走的时候,抓住了一个从乡下来的古利奈人西门,把十字架放在他身上,叫他背着跟在耶稣后面。一大群人跟随他,有些妇女为他捶胸痛哭。”

《路加福音》第 23 章描绘了强迫劳动的情景,这似乎是无缘无故的,但却强加给了古利奈人西门,让他帮助 "在耶稣后面 "背十字架(23:26)。今天,《路加福音》中的西门因 "跟随耶稣 "而为人所知并被人铭记。



(1) 耶稣教导要宽恕那些愿意接受他和他的救赎的人: 耶稣说:“父啊,赦免他们!因为他们不知道自己所作的是什么。”士兵抽签,分了他的衣服(23:34)。 接受耶稣的宽恕。基督里的宽恕是真实的。不要再沉浸在泥潭中了。

(2) 耶稣教导了天堂的真实性,即使是最卑劣的罪犯,只要邀请耶稣进入他们的生活,无论是刑事犯罪,还是宗教/道德犯罪,都可以得到天堂。《路加福音》 23:43 “耶稣对他说:“我实在告诉你,今天你必定同我在乐园里了。” 归向耶稣的人可以得到天堂。

(3) 耶稣教导人们即使在可怕的时刻也要表达对上帝的信心和信任。路加福音 23:46 “耶稣大声呼叫:“父啊,我把我的灵魂交在你手里。”说了这话,气就断了。”

耶稣引用了《诗篇》31:5,自信地把自己交在天父手中。后来,司提反被石头打死时也把自己交在耶稣手中--使徒行传 7:59 他们用石头打司提反的时候,他呼求说:“主耶稣啊,求你接收我的灵魂!” 你每天都信靠神吗?你向谁或什么降服?

"苦路"(Via Dolorosa)不是一条好走的路,即使对健康无恙的人来说也是如此。有时它是黑暗和阴沉的,肯定充满了泪水。但总有一天,你我都会走完它。但总有一天,我们会看到希望和曙光。终有一天 。

“苦路”以第十一至十五站(11-15)为终点:这是两张拍摄于 2008 年 11 月 28 日的照片,拍摄的是圣墓大教堂(Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre)的入口,这是圣海伦娜(罗马皇帝君士坦丁一世的母亲,又称君士坦丁大帝)为纪念她寻找耶稣受难之地而建的一座大教堂,建于公元 300 年左右。

另一位摄影师拍摄的鸟瞰图。作者:Gerd Eichmann - File:Jerusalem-Grabeskirche-14-vom_Erloeserkirchturm-2010-gje.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=110873750

耶稣坚守在十字架上,受到嘲弄或挑衅时也不下来,这表明他是真正的弥赛亚。第十五站(15)是 "复活": 耶稣从死里复活。他活着。每周五下午 3 点钟(夏令时:4 点钟),方济各会修士会正式带领大家走十字架路。他们邀请所有来到圣城的基督徒朝圣者加入他们的行走。

你是否愿意接受并践行《路加福音》第 23 章中祂的三个教诲(宽恕、天堂、信仰),跟随祂背负十字架,每天背负自己的十字架?愿你们度过一个有意义的耶稣受难日。