QT 28/04/2024 Sunday John 17 Privileged Listening. 聆听的特权

QT 28/04/2024 Sunday John 17 Privileged Listening. 聆听的特权

QT 28/04/2024 Sunday John 17

John overheard Jesus' conversation with the heavenly Father. This is awesome, a privilege similar to accompanying the High Priest into the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle of the Exodus era. Count ourselves privileged to have read John 17.

Contrary to ideas from heretics, John 17:1-4 reminds us that the cross is the path to glory. This glory is for the Father and the Son, not us.

A goal of discipleship is the formation of the core belief that Jesus Christ was sent by the Father, believing that the Father had sent Jesus (John 17:8). Flowing from that is the priority to be sent into the world (John 17:18) to achieve the goal of persuading the world that Jesus Christ is from the Father (John 17:20-22).

REFLECTION: How has my calender and budget changed because of the above goal? How much airtime does John 17 have in your caregroup (The Father sent Jesus, Jesus sent you)?

To the world, the unity among believers would build up the belief that Jesus was sent by God (John 17:21,23). Healthy multiplication glorify God while divisions motivated by self destroy that witness.

REFLECTION: Are you willing to put aside self-interests and lesser issues so as to enhance the witness of the church before the watching world?

星期日2024年4月28日 今日读经:约翰福音17章






反思: 你是否愿撇开自己的个人利益和不重要的事 ,以致能够在世人面前,为教会作见证?