QT 29/01/2024 Monday Matthew 25. Sheep & goat before the powerful judge. 绵羊和山羊在强大的法官面前。

QT 29/01/2024 Monday Matthew 25. Sheep & goat before the powerful judge. 绵羊和山羊在强大的法官面前。

QT 29/01/2024 Monday Matthew 25

Jesus will come again when you don't expect Him. Therefore, "keep watch" (Matt 25:13 & Parable of the 10 virgins, Matt 25:1-13).

Jesus' royal lineage (Matt 1), His divine birth (Matt 2-3), His divine life (Matt 4), His divine Words (Matt 5-7), His divine deeds, teachings and experiences (Matt 8 onwards) all revealed His authority. Matt 25:14-30 further reveals His authority. He is the one that is AUTHORISED to be the Final arbiter of right/wrong, good/bad, faithful/rebellious, life or death.

In daily living, some may have to account to the accounts department for expenses expended, they in turn might have to account to the directors or auditors. Auditors themselves might have to account to the Financial Reporting Standards or the periodic Review by the industry regulators on the firms themselves. Others account to teachers, parents and still others, the ISO 9000 standards.

In the end, all of us who have been given a BREADTH OF LIFE, material and spiritual resources, would have TO ACCOUNT to the GIVER one day for how we use them.

REFLECTION (1): How did I use my time? CLUE: The EVENT(s) that keeps BUMPING OTHER events OUT of your scheduled calendar IS the activity WHERE YOUR HEART REALLY IS!!

REFLECTION (2): How did I use my resources to equip my fellow believers or others to be harvesters in God's harvest fields? How did I use the spiritual resources God has placed at S-Word to equip me to be disciples?

The sheep and the goats passage in Matt 25:31-45 reminds us that we might not look at ourselves with 100% accuracy. Some under-estimate our own contributions (Matt 25:37-38) while others become overly confident (Matt 25:44). The conclusion is more frightening: Jesus IS AUTHORISED to send people "away to eternal punishment" as well as "to eternal life" (25:46).

REFLECTION (3): Are you a sheep or a goat (Matt 25:31-40)?

星期一 2024年1月29日 今日读经:马太福音25章



在日常生活中,有些人或许必须向会计部交待一切的开销,而会计部的人或许得向他们的董事或审计师交待。审计师本身得要符合财务报告准则或向做定期审查的行业监管部交待。其他的人有向老师、家长交待的,也有其他的得达到ISO 9000的标准。