QT 30/06/2024 Sun. 1Cor 2. 哥林多前书2章

QT 30/06/2024 Sun. 1Cor 2. 哥林多前书2章

QT 30/06/2024 Sun. 1Cor 2.
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Paul wrote to the church in Corinth about A.D. 54 or 55 from Ephesus (1Cor 16:8) across the sea. Be careful if you attempt to "imitate" the believers there because Paul wrote to a church that was MESSED up in MANY major areas:

(1) "What do you wish? Shall I come to you with a rod, or with love in a spirit of gentleness?" (1Cor 4:21)

(2) Disunity prevailed, with cliques forming, in rejection of fellowship with others of a different power turf (1Cor 1:13).

(3) A man having sex with his father's wife ("incest", 1Cor 5:1), "sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that is not tolerated even among pagans"!

(4) And they were proud of item 3 above! (1Cor 5:2)

(5) They had lawsuits against one another, a sign of defeat already (1Cor 6:7).

(6) Tolerance of sin in the church and association with the sexually immoral (1Cor 5:9-13), even prostitution (1Cor 6:13-16).

(7) Participation in pagan worship and idol feasts (1Cor 8:1-11:1).

(8) Rebellion / divisions at the Lord's Supper (1Cor 11:17-34).

(9) Usage of spiritual gifts for the promoting of self rather than edifying others (and without love) 1Cor 12:1-14:40.

(10) Various doctrinal errors, e.g., on the issue of resurrection (1Cor 15:1-58) etc.

For this mess, Paul rebuked, admonished and regulated their behaviour. He showed the readers the way to recovery.

REFLECTION (1): Listen to our own speeches! What category do they belong to? Do they reveal (i) "the spirit of the world" or (ii) "the Spirit who is from God" (1Cor 2:12)? "Wise and persuasive words" or "in demonstration of the Spirit and of power" (1Cor 2:4)?

APPLICATION: Go back to the basics of the gospel, Jesus Christ and him CRUCIFIED (1Cor 2:2). The messenger (Paul) also embodies some of this spirit–"in weakness and in fear and much trembling" (1Cor 2:3), speaking a message that is "not wisdom of this age" (1Cor 2:6).

REFLECTION (2): Am I also embodying all of these qualities in my speech and behaviour, "so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power" (1Cor 2:5)?

星期日 2024年6月30日 今日读经:哥林多前书2章


(1) “你们愿意怎么样呢?要我带着刑杖到你们那里去,还是以温柔的灵,带着爱心去呢?”(林前4:21)

(2) 他们不团结、自搞小圈子、拒绝与他们的势力不同等的人团契(林前1:13)。

(3) 有人与父亲的妻子发生淫乱的关系(“乱伦”,哥前5:1),“这样的淫乱在教外人中间都没有”!

(4) 而他们还为以上的三项引以为傲!(林前5:2)

(5) 他们彼此告状,这已经是失败了(林前6:7)。

(6) 教会容忍罪并与淫乱的人有来往(林前5:9-13)、甚至是把身体当作娼妓(林前6:13-16)。

(7) 参与偶像祭拜和献食物给偶像的宴席(林前8:1-11:1)。

(8) 悖逆/在主的晚餐上有分歧(林前11:17-34)。

(9) 把恩赐用在提升自己多过于用来建立他人,而且不是出自于爱而作的(林前12:1-14:40)。

(10) 各种教义上的错误,比如关于复活的事等(林前15:1-58)。


反思(1):听听自己的言论!它们是否流露了“世界的灵”或是“从神来的灵”(林前2:12)? “用智慧的话去说服人”或“用圣灵和能力来证明”(林前2:4)?


反思(2): 我是否也在自己的言论上和行为上体现出这些特质,“使你们的信不是凭着人的智慧,而是凭着 神的能力”(林前2:5)?