QT 31/01/2024 Wednesday Matthew 27. Recognise & Obey. 认清及顺服。

QT 31/01/2024 Wednesday Matthew 27. Recognise & Obey. 认清及顺服。

QT 31/01/2024 Wednesday Matthew 27

Many testified for Jesus. Matt 27 continues this trend.

Even Judas recognised Jesus' sinlessness (Matt 27:4);

The prophets (Jeremiah & Zechariah) are cited again (Matt 27:9-10), referring to Jesus' suffering;

The wife of Pilate also referred to Jesus as "that righteous man" (Matt 27:19), referring to Jesus' impeccable life (see also Matt 4 devotion);

Pilate recognised that the crowd handed Jesus over "out of envy" rather than being guilty of crime (Matt 27:18). He even asked, "Why? What evil has he done?" (Matt 27:23). The trial judge literally "washed his hands before the crowd" (Matt 27:24);

Even in the Roman Praetorium (Matt 27:27), he wore the "SCARLET robe" of a king (Matt 27:28), wore "a CROWN of thorns" and addressed as "KING of the Jews" (Matt 27:29). Mis-trial & the wrong motives aside, the accessories WERE fit for Jesus, who was truly king!

Even the sign above Jesus head spoke the TRUTH, "THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS" (Matt 27:37);

The cherubim guarded mankind's access to God (Gen 3:24) & their representations were also woven into the inner curtain that separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place (Exo 26:31). Upon Jesus' death, "at that moment" (Matt 27:51), that inner curtain "was TORN in two from top to bottom", silently speaking of the effective work of Jesus as regards mankind's unhindered access to God again (Matt 27:51).

The resurrection of the dead "holy people" (Matt 27:52) testified to the life giving power of Jesus' death. The tombs "broke open" (Matt 27:52). Death was defeated by the life giving Jesus Christ.

Even the Roman centurion executioner in-charge blurted out, "Truly this was the Son of God" (Matt 27:54).

REFLECTION (1): Are you already convinced that Jesus IS the Son of God and the Messiah that has come?

REFLECTION (2): Do you also RECOGNISE this AUTHORITY vested in Him and endorsed by the Heavenly Father?

REFLECTION (3): Are you ready to obey WHATEVER Jesus says in view of His authority to COMMAND YOU?

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