QT 31/05/2024 Friday Acts 21. Following Jesus? 跟随主?

QT 31/05/2024 Friday Acts 21. Following Jesus? 跟随主?

QT 31/05/2024 Friday Acts 21. Following Jesus?


From Acts 21 onwards, we see parallels between Jesus and Paul.

(1) The JOURNEY: Both Jesus and Paul were on their respective journeys to Jerusalem.

(2) The DANGER: Life threatening dangers awaited both of them at Jerusalem.

(3) The WARNINGS: Many tried to deter Jesus from going there, including Peter. Jesus recognised that this was Satan's work and He rebuked Peter (Matt 16:23, Mark 8:33). In Acts 21:4 & 21:12 the people urged Paul NOT to go to Jerusalem but eventually concluded, "Let the will of the LORD be done" (Acts 21:14).

(4) The DETERMINATION: Both Jesus and Paul were determined to go to Jerusalem (John 12:27). Paul went, "not knowing what will happen to me there" (Acts 20:22), and he was even ready to die for the name of the LORD Jesus (Acts 21:13).

(5) The SUFFERING: Jesus was crucified. Paul was bound violently and unfairly seized (Acts 21:27-31).

(6) The BEGINNING of another episode in God's plan: In Jesus' sufferings, the work of salvation was done. For Paul, he embarked on the next major phase of his journey. He was God's chosen instrument to carry God's name before the Gentiles and their kings (Acts 9:15-16). Because Paul had to answer the charges from judge to judge, tribunal to tribunal, Paul was living out God's plan for his life as set out in Acts 9:15-16 as he testified before each of them when the opportunity arose.

APPLICATION: Obstacles and sufferings were part of the ministry of Jesus and Paul. They, nevertheless, trusted God. They knew that He would accomplish His purposes for those who sought to do His will, by whatever way God chooses.

星期五2024年5月31日 今日读经:使徒行传21章。跟随主?


(1) 行程: 耶稣和保罗都各自去了耶路撒冷。

(2) 危险: 生命的危险在耶路撒冷等候着他们两个。

(3) 警告: 许多人阻止耶稣去那里,包括彼得。耶稣知道那是撒旦的作为便斥责了彼得(太16:23,可8:33)。在使徒行传21:4和21:12,那些人劝请保罗不要去耶路撒冷,但最后的结论是,“愿主的旨意成就”(徒21:14)。

(4) 决心: 耶稣和保罗都决心要去耶路撒冷(约12:27)。保罗去了,“不知道在那里会遭遇到什么事”(徒20:22),而他甚至已预备好为主耶稣的名死在耶路撒冷(徒21:13)。

(5) 苦难: 耶稣被钉死十字架。保罗被人关起来还被施予暴力(徒21:27-31)。

(6) 开启神计划里新的一章: 在耶稣的苦难中,救恩的工作成就了。至于保罗,他开始了他旅程的另一个重要阶段。他是神拣选的器皿,要承载神的名到外族人和他们的王的面前(徒9:15-16)。 因为保罗必须回答这个审判官、那个审判官,从这个法庭去到另一个法庭,保罗一有机会便在他们面前做见证,活出了神在他身上所定的计划(徒9:15-16)。