QT: Mandate to care for nature Psalm 50:11 Week 33: 07/08/2023. Tue

QT: Mandate to care for nature Psalm 50:11 Week 33: 07/08/2023. Tue

Mandate to care for nature
Week 33: 07/08/2023. Tue

God is an artist. Isn't the creature a beauty, staring at you? I am reminded by what I see, that we share the nitrogen & oxygen, and earth's resources with many other creatures that God had created.

Psalm 50:11 - I know all the birds of the hills, and all that moves in the field is mine. (ESV)

While some of the animals might have owners, the ultimate owner is God Himself, who created them for His glory. Nevertheless, we hear more and more of floods, heatwaves and other disasters just this week, "recent" phenomena in the epochs of time, to wit, excavating coal, carbon and hydrocarbons from the ground in the name of industrialisation and "progress".

The raising temperature might not impact the macaw as severely as the corals, but we see more and more of creation unable to bring God the glory due to Him. The recently kicked-in charge for plastic bags are only a little way to reduce usage, wastage and by-products that might harm other creatures. While we also hear in the news that forestation has decreased since January 2023, it is still on going.

Since humans have the mandate for good rule and management of Creation on God's behalf (Genesis 1:28), giving up on this mandate is not an option, even though some of us might feel that there is so little we can do. Count ourselves blessed if we can still do a little of what we should do. Not all have this opportunity, and not all have an opportunity all the time.

REFLECTION: In this mandate to care for nature and creation, are we more and more aware that the LORD knows each of them, and is not far from them, because He calls them "mine"?