QT: BRT: You are God's building

QT: BRT: You are God's building

BRT: You are God's building
Week 25: 16/06/2023. Fri

As we think about building and relationships this weekend, we are reminded of Paul's view of who believers are.

1 Corinthians 3:9 - For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building. (ESV)

Paul, Apollos and other co-workers down history were merely workers/slaves of God and not ultimate bosses/masters. However, they were not merely passive nor without responsibilities robots. They are accountable to God who called them. They will be asked to explain how they expended their talents, spheres of influence and resources—what "deals" they have closed, what and how they have planted, watered or farmed?

Roman temples were frequently dedicated to Roman emperors, or in the case of Caesar Augustus (of Luke 2:1), the temple at Corinth was dedicated to Augustus' sister Octavia. However, Paul reminded the church at Corinth that even though they built relationships and ministries, the foundation for the church at Corinth was none other than Jesus Christ.

While labelled as "God's fellow workers" hints of co-working with God, it was very likely that Paul's emphasized the horizontal relationship of co-workers too—that they co-worked WITH one another, not against one another nor in competition/envy. Co-workers all served and were dedicated to the same God. There were many patrons at Corinth, but the ultimate patron was God.

Workers work, but not on their own fields or fields of influence, but in "God's field", and the building they are working on was not their own building but "God's building". None other than God can demand or "consume" their total allegiance and loyalty.

Remembering that you are God's workers, God's field and God's building do not eliminate "groupings and tasks" in ministry organisation. However, we have seen churches, teachers and influencers going astray when Paul's warnings were not heeded. On the other hand, we have also seen churches flourish when they practised 1Cor 3:9 values in their concept of ministry.