QT: Life in a hostile environment. Week 47: Day 4: 17/11/2023, Fri

QT: Life in a hostile environment. Week 47: Day 4: 17/11/2023, Fri

Life in a hostile environment
Week 47: 17/11/2023. Fri

Queen Esther prepared two banquets for the king, to prepare for her request to save her people (5:1–8). Haman's wife and friends, on the other hand, suggested that Haman make a gallow to hang Mordecai on it (5:14)!

Living as God's people in hostile environments then and now, we see that God frequently uses people to carry out His plans and represent His characters well. Much of the time, the people that God had used exhibited much courage.

In Babylon, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego remained committed to God even though the hostile environment put much pressure on them to confirm to that hostile culture (Daniel 3:8–30).

Esther faced much political and ethnic antagonism. Sometimes, these pressures are more subtle, like promotion or special bonuses. At other times, it might be outright threats of death in an attempt to induce a change in their commitment to God.

We only need to look back at how God rescued His people from Egypt (Exodus 18:10), so as to continue to trust Him in the hostile environment of all kinds that you might find yourself in today.





在巴比伦,沙得拉、米煞和亚伯尼歌仍然对神忠心耿耿,即使敌对的环境给了他们很大的压力,要他们顺服敌对的文化(但以理书 3:8-30)。


我们只需回顾一下神是如何将祂的子民从埃及拯救出来的(出埃及记 18:10),你就能在今天在各种敌对环境中继续信靠祂。