Restoration: City and nation blessed

Restoration: City and nation blessed

Restoration: City and nation blessed–17
Week 16: 12/04/2023. Wed

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Zechariah had encouraging words from the LORD regarding the future glory of Israel and those who come later in their steps.

The LORD expressed His deep love for Zion (Jerusalem), guarding her with "great jealousy" (8:2). It was because of His great love that "great wrath" had burst forth when Zion abandoned the LORD.

But with sin dealt with by severe judgment that was coming to an end soon, the LORD returned, and once again dwells in Jerusalem—"I have returned to Zion and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem" (8:3).

The LORD's presence in Zechariah's time (and today too) would bring security and happiness for both the young and old (8:4–5). His presence would bring restoration of His people in many areas of goodness.

(1) Religious realm: the mental health of His people would not be one of rejection and depression, but restore energy to even complete the reconstruction of the Temple (8:9) and whatever tasks He has assigned you today.

(2) Economic realm: instead of an air of poverty and bankruptcy (8:10), there will be a new kind of interaction (8:11)—"sowing of peace" (8:12), fruit and produce from the ground, rain to support agriculture and an equally bountiful harvest to vest these in the hands of His people (8:12).

(3) Blessing others: instead of being "a byword of cursing" (8:13), "so will I save you, and you shall be a blessing". A sense of satisfaction and meaning come to those who are blessing others, giving and giving, rather than grabbing and grabbing.

In view of these current great and wonderful blessings, and the future blessing in full, the LORD's people and the nations are now called to obey the LORD and His ways. Integrity, truth-telling and faithfulness (8:3) shall be their character traits. The LORD had blessed. We are to respond with love and commitment to Him to catch up with His blessings bestowed. Have a blessed week of meditation ahead.