Returning to blessedness

Returning to blessedness

Returning to blessedness—14
Week 13: 21/03/2023. Tue

Zechariah 4:6–7 Then he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts. (ESV)

The vision of the golden lampstand in Zechariah 4 uses familiar utensils to retell the story of encouragement to God's people needing to hear it, then and now.

The golden lampstand probably refers to the purity and authority of God, a God who shines forth His word and revelation to humans repeatedly. Are humans ready and willing to receive His word?

The two olive trees besides the lampstand might refer to Jeshua and Zerubbabel, while the oil symbolises God's Holy Spirit. The following truths were retold:

(1) God is powerful enough to change His people's destiny from doom to blessedness. With God, everything is possible (Matt 19:26 concurs). Have you already thrown in the towel by conceding that God is not powerful nor loving enough to bless His people?

(2) The mention of human agents like Jeshua and Zerubbabel retold God's way again—He prefers to work through Adam in the management and purposeful rule over all the earth (Genesis 1 & 2), and from then onwards through various humans called by Him and given the specific purpose and mission in their lives. Are you clear about yours?

(3) The phrase "day of small things" (Zechariah 4:10) reminds all of us today of Jesus parable of the "small" mustard seed that grew big (Matthew 17:20). With God, our small contributions (like the boy's fishes and loaves in Matthew 15:34) can be impact-ful when totally surrendered for the Master's use. Do you hold an open palm to return to God what He has given, and to give up those things for His use?

With the golden lampstand vision, Zechariah hopes that God's people can get it right again after reviewing where they had gone terribly wrong.