The justice beneath His anger

The justice beneath His anger

The justice beneath His anger
Week 11: 07/03/2023. Tue

They knew that He is a God that is capable of being angry. God is a personal being (having a mind, emotion and will). Any other person created in His image would also have this capacity to be angry.

Zechariah 1:2 “The LORD was very angry with your fathers. (ESV)

The Old Testament prophets did not try to erase the attribute of "anger" and "wrath" out of their description of God—that would be a caricature of Him which He would not agree.

But this emotion of God is intense, like an unquenchable fire (Jeremiah 4:4, 23:19). Beneath this anger of God is the source of that energy—the holiness, righteousness and justice of God.

This anger of God doesn't any how whack others around the house. Rather, it is targeted at those who sin (unholy behaviour), abandoned their faith in Him, or by their actions, discarded Him from the centre of their "spiritual activities" or even discarded Him from their timetables altogether. Other priorities and "gods" have crept into their lives.

But we give thanks that God is also merciful and gracious, even slow to anger (Exod. 34:6), especially to those who have repented of their "ways and deeds" and have been dealt with (1:6). Many of us would rather interact with God in His attributes of mercy rather than wrath/anger. But that would depend on His believers, then and now.