Using Church QR Code to transfer offerings

Using Church QR Code to transfer offerings

Apr 2023 REMINDER on tithing at S-Word EFC 十一奉献提醒 : Members can use online transfers 会友们可用电子转帐来进行.

1️⃣ 教会银行户口 Church Bank Account: 银行 Bank : OCBC Current Account 户口号码 Account number: 673-828992-001

2️⃣ PayNow to church UEN 转账到教会的机构识别号码UEN: T02SS0195A
(Please include full name in transaction 请在转账时填上姓名.)
Enquiry / to notify FIRST transaction :

With thanks, let us respond to God's blessings with our tithes. 让我们用感恩的心,以十一奉献回应神所赐的福。

Gentile reminder: when using Church QR Code to transfer offerings, do ensure you see our church name ( S-Word Evangelical Free Church ) before submitting. Thank you.

温馨提醒: 在使用教会二维码进行奉献时、请确保教会的名称出现 ( S-Word Evangelical Free Church ) 才奉献,谢谢!