Worship Announcements 崇拜报告 (4 Apr 2020)

Worship Announcements 崇拜报告 (4 Apr 2020)

April 8, 2020
Worship Announcements 崇拜报告 (4 Apr 2020)

欢迎参加 为道的在线崇拜
Welcome to S-Word online worship service.
彼此鼓励 不要错过任何在线崇拜
Encourage one another not to miss any online worship.
Last Week's Worship 上周崇拜 :

Worship attendance 崇拜参与者 :
Only God knows 唯有神知道

Next Week's Online Worship 下周在线崇拜 :

11/4 Saturday Bilingual 周六华英
Time: between 4pm and 10pm
时间:在4pm 至 10pm 之间

讲员Speaker: 蔡友明牧师 Ps Daniel YM Chua

Online Worship Reminders 在线崇拜提醒 :

周六 4pm 之前: 收到一个链接
Receive a link before Saturday 4pm.

周六 4pm至 10pm 之间: 按链接 来敬拜
Click on the link to worship between
Saturday 4pm and 10pm

以一个 敬畏神的心 来敬拜神!
Worship God with a heart of reverence for Him.

Enquiries 询问: contact your MP 联络关顾教牧

Offerings Options 奉献选项 :

1. Online Transfer to church bank account
电子转账 到教会银行户口
OCBC Current Account: 673-828992-001

2. PayNow linked with church UEN.
UEN: T02SS0195A

3. Put offerings into an envelope. Submit later.