New Testament Survey 2024

New Testament Survey 2024

New Testament Survey 2024 uniqueness: The course uses a basic chronological framework of Luke ("Galilee to Jerusalem") and Acts ("Jerusalem to Rome"), both written by Dr Luke a non-Jew, to situate the Epistles of Paul, Peter and John etc.

Course Duration: 2nd Jan 2024 to 12th Nov 2024 (35 lessons covering 27 NT books and their applications), excluding MOE school & public holidays.

Lesson Timings: Tuesdays 7:30pm to 8:45pm

Venue: Onsite JE134 and Online via Zoom are both available.

Language of instruction: Chinese, with Chinese/English materials where available.

To sign Up: text (1) English name, (2) Chinese name, (3) h/p number & (4) email, to Rev Poon.

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