QT: Human opposition might enhance God's glory

QT: Human opposition might enhance God's glory

Human opposition might enhance God's glory
Week 19: 04/05/2023. Thu

Psalm 76:10 Surely the wrath of man shall praise you; the remnant of wrath you will put on like a belt. (ESV)

Not all things turn out smooth in life. But God worked through them to move His plan forward to bless mankind.

We recall Jacob fleeing to Haran and starting his family even though the main reason to flee was to escape his brother Esau's anger (Genesis 27:41–45). Joseph's 11 brothers sold him off to Egypt to put him in his place, yet Joseph became the prime minister in Egypt. He tapped on this position to save those 11 brothers who sold him and their family (Genesis 50:20).

The LORD could even turn an intended curse into blessing (Numbers 22:1–6; 24:17), or return the evil intention onto the very author of it–Mordecai, who was hanged on the very gallows he conceived to hurt others (Esther 5:12–14). The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was after a miscarriage of justice and a most unfair trial, yet this resulted in salvation being made available for those who would accept it.

No one can silence God's prophets, disciples or messengers. Even though the Roman emperor exiled John to Patmos, John had the undisturbed opportunity to write the book of Revelations declaring God's victory of all.

REFLECTION: What human oppositions are you facing today? Where do you think God would lead you to, for His glory?