QT 11/01/2024 Thursday Matthew 10

QT 11/01/2024 Thursday Matthew 10

QT 11/01/2024 Thursday Matthew 10

Jacob is also known as Israel (Gen 32:28). Old Israel has 12 tribes (Gen 35:23-26). The twelve tribes of Old Israel came out of natural descent, rivalry and competition (see Genesis 29-30 account).

New Israel, however, has 12 disciples (Matt 10:2-5), chosen by Jesus' personal CALL, primarily not by family relations nor social pedigree. The backgrounds of the Twelve are diverse and querky at best, extreme & obiang at its worse.

Jesus' CREDENTIALS (Matt 1-4) are the proofs of the AUTHORITY which He has been exercising (Matt 5-9). In Matt 10, this AUTHORITY is given to The Twelve to preach with the same accompanying validating SIGNS (Matt 10:1; Matt 8-9).

The language of their message is also similar: And proclaim as you go, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' (Matt 10:7) JESUS HIMSELF had used a similar phrase (Matt 4:17), so did John the Baptist (Matt 3:1). These similar phrases link the authority and message of Jesus, now given to The Twelve, to preach repentance in view of the kingdom's coming.

In Matt 10, we see that this AUTHORITY to preach repentance IS RADICAL in many areas and OVERRIDES many things in priority:-

The manner of scant equipping for the messenger is RADICAL but HONOURABLE (Matt 10:9-10). Atas personal accessories are OUT;

The message, if not accepted, receives a DECISIVE response from the messenger - "shake off the dust from your feet" (Matt 10:14);

This Authorisation to preach OVERRIDES personal liberty and comfort (Matt 10:17);

It OVERRIDES mere maintaining of personal "reputation" (Matt 10:18-19);

In fact, the "Spirit of your Father" will be "speaking through you"! (Matt 10:20) Your own preferences of what and how to talk might be overridden somewhat.

It OVERRIDES loyalty even among siblings, parents and men (Matt 10:21-22);

If Jesus was slandered (Matt 10:24-25), how much more His followers (Be prepared!);

Putting Jesus first over family (father, mother, son, daughter) and taking the cross DEFINES one's worthiness of being identified with Jesus (Matt 10:37-38).

Are you fearful of the radical task? Do not be! "And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell" (Matt 10:28).

APPLICATION: Be a disciple! Fear God, even as you preach repentance courageously to the world in a "wise" and "innocent" manner (Matt 10:16).

星期四 2024年1月11日 今日读经:马太福音10章




耶稣的印证(太1-4章)就是祂所执行的权柄的有力证据 (太5-9章)。在太10章,这同样的权柄也给了那12个门徒,让他们在传道时也能应证同样的奇迹(太10:1;太8-9)。