QT 26/01/2024 Friday Matthew 23. How I bore you on eagles' wings. 像鹰一样把你们背在翅膀上。

QT 26/01/2024 Friday Matthew 23. How I bore you on eagles' wings. 像鹰一样把你们背在翅膀上。

QT 26/01/2024 Friday Matthew 23

Since all the "technical" questions have been fully answered and rebutted, it's time for the conclusion - 7 woes pronounced on those who PRESUMED themselves to be "teachers of the law" & "Pharisees".

Matt 23 is not easy to preach in many churches. You might even wonder how a loving Jesus could ever use such strong words - but there it is in Matthew, proving to the Jews that Jesus IS the Messiah.

Matthew 23:1-12: Jesus told the crowds to watch out for double-personality teachers who do not practice what they preach (Matt 23:3). They say something in front of you, but do the opposite behind you.

Unlike Jesus whose burden is light (Matt 11:28-30), these teachers load you with "heavy loads" which they themselves are NOT interested to carry (Matt 23:4). Their hearts are unable to feel your pains/burdens.

These teachers "love the place of honor" (Matt 23:6). During a group photoshoot or banquet, they would rush to the more prominent places to "show-off" and to seal their exalted "status" in the archives.

In Matt 23:13-36, we see the 7 woes [acrostic SCRIBES]

Shut the door of the kingdom on others (Matt 23:13);

Corrupt the converts (Matt 23:15);

Reverse the truth on oath taking (Matt 23:16-22);

Invert values on what is significant (Matt 23:23-24);

Boost up the importance of rituals wrongly (Matt 23:25-26);

Externalise religion - outward appearance hiding internal decay (Matt 23:27,28).

Swagger about their superior goodness, "better than our ancestors" when they are in fact no better (Matt 23:29-32).

REFLECTION: Ask your CG members to check on you on 1-7 above.

Matt 23:37-39: Jerusalem, the centre and heart of the religion, refuses to come under the protection of Jesus' wings, because "they were not willing" (Matt 23:37).

The LORD of the Exodus generation also attempted to bring that 1st generation under His wings, "You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' WINGS, and brought you to Myself" (Exo 19:4).

But they, similarly, were ultimately "not willing" and died in the desert in the next 40 years except for Joshua and Caleb who "were willing".

REFLECTION: Am I willing to submit to Jesus and come under the authority of the church He founded?

星期五 2024年1月26日 今日读经:马太福音23章



马太福音23:1-12: 耶稣告诉众人要当心双面人的教师,他们只会说而不去作(太23:3)。他们在你面前说一套,但在你背后却做另一套。












太23:37-39: 耶路撒冷,宗教的中心和心脏,不肯来到耶稣的翅膀底下受庇护,因为他们“不愿意”(太23:37)。