QT 10/07/2024 Wed. 1Cor 10 Freedom to give up. 放弃的自由.

QT 10/07/2024 Wed. 1Cor 10 Freedom to give up. 放弃的自由.

QT 10/07/2024 Wed. 1Cor 10
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Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall. (1 Cor 10:12)

The readers have over-rated themselves. Paul therefore warns them severely, with examples from Israel's history—they died in the wilderness (1Cor 10:5). They went astray even though they experienced the exodus miracles (1Cor 10:1-2).

Therefore, we need to stay HUMBLE and be warned of these possible pitfalls :-

(1) The dangers of setting our hearts on evil things (1Cor 10:6);
(2) Being idolaters (1Cor 10:7, 14-22)
(3) Engaging in sexual immorality (1Cor 10:8)
(4) Testing the Lord (1Cor 10:9)
(5) Grumbling (1Cor 10:10)

In Corinth, meat was offered in pagan temples. The priests there used some for themselves. The excess meat might be resold to the market place (lower price tag). But the fresh meat commanded a higher premium.

An unbelieving friend invited you to dinner (1Cor 10:25) and served meat, which origin was unknown. Paul says "Don't ask" (1Cor 10:25,27). But if that friend revealed it as meat previously offered to idols, do not eat for the sake of the conscience of others.

REFLECTION: Even though in Christ you have the freedom to do certain things without contravening the law (1Cor 10:23), do we give up our rights for the good of others?

APPLICATION: May our lives be gospel centred for the saving of many lives for the glory of God, not for self-glory.

星期三 2024年7月10日 今日读经:哥林多前书10章.




(1) 贪恋恶事的祸患(林前10:6);

(2) 拜偶像(林前10:7,14-22);

(3) 涉及淫乱的事(林前10:8);

(4) 试探主(林前10:9);

(5) 发怨言(林前10:10).