QT 24/06/2024 Mon. Romans 13. Unity in testimony. 合一:在见证里合一

QT 24/06/2024 Mon. Romans 13. Unity in testimony. 合一:在见证里合一

QT 24/06/2024 Mon. Romans 13. Unity in testimony.
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Paul's upcoming ministry in Rome was threatened by the two major obstacles. He was on the way to Jerusalem (Rom 15:25) but wrote to the Roman believers to prepare them (Rom 15:25-26) to overcome these obstacles.

OBSTACLE (1): The Gentile and Jewish believers were REJECTING one another before the watching world in Rome (Rom 2:1) and were DIVIDED (Rom 16:17). For this Paul exhorted them to practise acceptance (Rom 14:1, Rom 14:3, Rom 15:7) in order that the believers there could become good witnesses before he arrived in Rome.

REFLECTION (1): The one who shouts "acceptance" might surprisingly be the least accepting of all! The one who shouts "inclusiveness" might fail to include people that are supposedly very close to him. Are you such a person?

Is there anything more painful in God's sight than to see a sinner who is saved by grace and not works (Rom 3:24, 4:14, 5:2) rejecting another sinner who had been similarly saved? Forgiven sinners speak with less pride while talking to other forgiven sinners. Do a reality check today.

OBSTACLE (2): The believers in Rome might have hoped to overthrow the Roman government in order to establish their own nation and king. This was especially after the emperor expelled the Jews (Acts 18:2).

For this Paul exhorted them to submit to governing authorities because they were instituted by God (Rom 13:2). Disorderly and unsubmissive attitudes explain their refusal to pay taxes, refusal to give respect and honour to those in authority (Rom 13:7).

REFLECTION (2): A person who habitually "Does NOT SUBMIT to God's law" (Rom 8:7), "Did NOT SUBMIT to God's righteousness" (Rom 10:3) might be more inclined NOT TO SUBMIT to the authorities or be subject to them (Rom 13:1, Rom 13:5). Do I fall into this category?

星期一 2024年6月24日 今日读经:罗马书13章. 合一:在见证里合一