QT 28/02/2024 Wednesday Luke 6. Re-evaluating motivations and practice. 重新评估动机和实践。

QT 28/02/2024 Wednesday Luke 6. Re-evaluating motivations and practice. 重新评估动机和实践。

QT 28/02/2024 Wednesday Luke 6

Sabbath was a day for rest and restoration. A day for doing what we were created to do. A shrivelled hand was restored (Luke 6:6-10), a hunger was satisfied (Luke 6:1-2), a good was done to save life (Luke 6:9).

Furiously they were discussing "what they might do to Jesus" (Luke 6:11), the Lord of the Sabbath (Luke 6:5), who did not fit their purpose of Sabbath.

REFLECTION (1): During all these years of your Christian life, what thoughts and actions usually occupy your minds when you think of the day of rest?

Blessings and woes were laid before the readers (Luke 6:20-26).

REFLECTION (2): Do these words describe you: "poor", "hungry", "weeping", "rich", "consoled" and "full"? What caused these conditions to surface?

Sometimes, our own mistakes cause the self-inflicted pain. But blessed are you when you are HATED, REVILED, SPURNED "on account of the Son of Man" (Luke 6:22) through no mistakes of yours.

REFLECTION (3): Have you consciously and actively attempted to exclude from your lives these great rewards (Luke 6:23) which come from suffering for the Son of Man per se?

The quality of your love is challenged when you are asked to "love your enemies" (Luke 6:27). These enemies might physically strike you, rob you or retain your possessions (Luke 6:29-30).

APPLICATION: Showing love (Luke 6:35) and mercy (Luke 6:36) costs much, but so are the rewards for doing so: "Your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil" (Luke 6:35).

For this to happen, you need to reflect on yourselves truly (Luke 6:37-42), especially the motivations of the heart (Luke 6:43-45) and prove it by your obedience in real practice (Luke 6:46-49).

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应用:爱人(路6:35)和对人表现仁慈(路6:36)是要付出很大的代价,但赏赐也大:“这样你们的赏赐就大了,你们也必作至高者的儿子,因为 神自己也宽待忘恩的和恶人。”(路6:35)